Grammarly Review (2021): Is It Worth Buying Grammarly Premium?

Grammarly Review (2021): Is It Worth Buying Grammarly Premium?

Planning to buy Grammarly Premium? here is my genuine Grammarly Review which will definitely help you to make a decision. If you like to write blogs, then you must have stray misspelled words or commas that you somehow missed while accomplishing the proofreading process. Commas misspelled words, or grammatical errors in a blog are such things that make a visitor stop reading the post.

Therefore, proofreading is extremely important for a blogger – else, it can drive your visitors to somewhere else. To complete the proofreading process, you will need to spend a lot of time, or even you can have someone do it for you. But, you or the person proofreading your blog is a human – so, it can also make certain silliest mistakes once again. 

Grammarly Review

Therefore, you can get the help of the Grammarly tool. It’s nothing but an application or browser extension that checks commas misspelled words, or grammatical errors, even plagiarism, and more in a short span of time.

You can use this on different platforms – it includes Google Docs, MS Word, Facebook, WordPress, and so many others. This application has been considered as a ‘Free Grammar Assistant’. You can use the free or premium version as per your needs.

Do you wish to know this in detail? Then, keep reading this Grammarly Review that can help you to know Grammarly in detail. So, let’s take a glance at the section described hereunder. 

What does Grammarly do?

This app or extension can help you to check different types of errors. Some of them are as follows:

Punctuation and Grammar:

First of all, the initial purpose of using Grammarly is to detect punctuation and grammatical mistakes. Apart from checking the punctuation and grammatical mistakes, basic to advance, it also gives real-time guidelines and suggestions on how to fix these errors.

Writing Style:

Grammarly can also assist in doing the self-editing work by offering real-time insights regarding your sentence-length, readability score, etc. This is remarkably beneficial for modifying your genre-specific writing technique for distinct viewers.

Spell Check:

Grammarly is also an amazing spell-check application or extension that can help you to keep your blog free of typos or mistakes.


Along with the aforementioned points, Grammarly can also help you to detect plagiarism. For that, it compares your blogs to billions of other blogs across the web. But, you will have to make sure that you are using the premium version or Grammarly to get this benefit.

Who is this Grammarly Tool Good for?

Grammarly application is beneficial for both those who like to write in the English language and for native English speakers. People who utilize Grammarly application or extension include:

  • Bloggers
  • Authors
  • Students
  • Copywriters or content marketers
  • Academics persons who are interested in detecting plagiarism
  • A business professional who likes to draft a presentation, report, email, or social media post
  • Anyone who writes in English

If you are a professional writer or a new one who just started writing blogs, the Grammar Checker can act as another line of support for you. Additionally, this app provides settings specific to Australian English, American English, Canadian English, British English, and more. Besides, you can also utilize it to ensure that your blog post, article, or book is easy to read and accurate.

Apart from this, the premium version of this tool is also beneficial for students who have a bunch of work that they wish to check. So, if you are a student, then you can use the premium version at least for a month to check whether it works for you or not. 

Different Ways to Utilize Grammarly Tool

Grammarly is an internet-based app – so, you will require an active internet connection in order to use this tool. However, there are a lot of ways to use this app in which you can check your work. Look at them: 

Grammarly Web Tool:

The first option of using this tool is to copy and paste your writing directly in the Grammarly Web Tool. For that, tap on the New button from the dashboard in order to open a blank page. 

Next, copy the writing into the blank page. Wait for a few seconds to see the magic. The Grammarly tool will read, analyze, and show the correction within a few seconds. 

Apart from this, if you have a complete document, then you can upload it directly to the Grammarly site. For that, tap on the Upload button instead of the New button. Afterwards, select a document from the system. Grammarly will check the content in the same way. 

Apart from this, you also have the option to type directly into the Grammarly site. This tool will start checking your writing instantly as you write.

MS Word:

You can utilize the Grammarly add-in right within a Microsoft Word document. But, this is only possible if you are using a Windows Operating System.

To get this, visit the add-in page of Grammarly and then add the Grammarly tool to the word by following the on-screen directions. The add-in will start to check your writing as you write.

Desktop Application:

If you like to check your writing by using a desktop application, then you can also do this – as long as you are using macOS or Windows. 

For that, just download the Grammarly Desktop application for your computer by visiting the download page of Grammarly. Complete the downloading and installation process by following the on-screen guidance. After completing the installation process, you can start utilizing this tool in the same way as the online version.

Browser Extension:

The easiest way to utilize the Grammarly tool is via a browser extension of the Grammarly tool. Go to the Web Store of your browser to download the extension. 

Thereafter, add it to your browser as you use any other web extension. Turn the extension On and it will start checking your writing automatically while writing something on the web. 

This extension includes Gmail – it gives you support while typing an email. You can also get its benefits on Google Docs. 

On your Smartphone:

You can also use the Grammarly keyboard on your smartphone. This option is available on both Android as well as iOS devices. 

Once you activate the Grammarly keyboard, it will start checking your writing. It’s extremely beneficial if you wish to catch those tiny typos or mistakes that are so simple to make on smartphones. Besides, it can also help you to increase your typing speed. You can get the Grammarly Keyboard at the App Store or Play Store. 

Sum up Things

Gmarrlerly free version is enough if you just have started writing blogs. But, if you are a professional, then it is always better to go with the Grammarly premium version. Just make use of this tool and see how it helps you to give your writing a new height.

If you have lesser budget i will suggest you this amazing grammar checker tool ProwritingAid.

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