HostGator VS BlueHost: Top 5 Detailed Key Comparisons

HostGator VS BlueHost: Top 5 Detailed Key Comparisons

Confused between HostGator vs BlueHost don’t worry I am here for you. Choosing a hosting plan could be crucial, especially when you have just started. No matter, if you are just starting your online business or your initial blog, choosing a hosting plan is essential to create a stunning website. Many companies provide the best web hosting services with better features and support. However, you need to choose wisely that is according to your benefits and usage.

hostgator vs bluehost

You may know that BlueHost and HostGator are two popular hosting providers in the market. Thus, if you are not sure about making the right decision on one, this guide of HostGator VS BlueHost web hosting could surely help you out on choosing the right ones. Now let’s quickly move into a detailed review comparison between these two hosting providers.

Top 5 Key Differences between HostGator VS BlueHost

Overview of HostGator

The journey of HostGator started on 22nd October 2002 at Florida Atlantic University in the dorm room. Currently, HostGator Company holds millions of customers worldwide with 90 percent of customer satisfaction. HostGator provides innumerable features with various web hosting services at budget-friendly prices.

Overview of BlueHost

Danny Ashworth and Heaton officially launched BlueHost in the year 2003. It is owned by the Endurance International Company with headquarter in Utah. It is quite popular for providing web hosting services with excellent performance, customer support, and competitive pricing. BlueHost has over 2 million website users across the world providing countless features to its end customers.

Well, if you are still confused about these two companies, then after reading this article you will surely get the information on both web hosting providers. In the following article, we are covering the HostGator review as well as the Bluehost review in terms of various parameters. Let’s find out each parameter below in a detailed manner.

1.   Web Hosting Product

HostGator Web Hosting Product

HostGator offers various web hosting plans that include WordPress hosting, shared hosting, dedicated hosting, Cloud hosting, VPS hosting, and reseller hosting. Plus, this company also provides a drag and drop website builder. HostGator also provides free SSL certificates, site transfers, one-click installs, and unmetered bandwidth.

Bluehost Web Hosting Product

BlueHost provides various hosting services with many features. It is popularly recommended by that has the best web hosting services including WordPress Pro hosting, shared hosting, VPS hosting, eCommerce hosting, and reseller hosting. BlueHost offers entry-level plans which include free SSL certificates and free domain at cheap prices.

Winner – BlueHost

2.   WordPress Integration


Most website users preferred the first CMS (Content Management System) as the WordPress platform. Therefore, WordPress integration becomes an important aspect of this comparison. HostGator provides a feature that can help you in starting a WordPress Website within few minutes. Once you have installed the WordPress website on your hosting server, you don’t have to interact with your web hosting provider.


On the other side, BlueHost is official recommended by the team that provides an easy one-click WordPress installation with the WordPress eCommerce integration for the online store. With their one-click setup process, WordPress expert support, automated updates, and many features, BlueHost is an obvious choice who wins this comparison.  

Winner – BlueHost

3. Pricing

If you are a starter and looking for an ideal hosting plan, pricing is an important parameter in terms of buying hosting plans. However, both of these web hosting companies have ideal offers for customers regarding pricing. Let’s discuss different hosting plans with the prices they are offering:

Monthly PriceHostGatorBlueHost
Shared Hosting$ 2.78 – $ 5.95$ 2.95 – $ 14.99
VPS Hosting$ 19.95 – $ 24.95$ 19.99 – $ 59.99
Cloud Hosting$ 4.95 – $ 9.95
WordPress Hosting$ 5.95 – $ 9.95$ 2.95 – $ 16.99
Dedicated Hosting$ 119 – $ 149$ 79.99 – $ 209.99

Table Source: Website Builder Expert

From the above table, it is clearly shown that BlueHost offers various hosting plans at affordable prices.

Winner – BlueHost

4. Key Features

HostGator Features

HostGator provides various features to their end customer users. As we mentioned before, when you are buying a HostGator hosting plan, you will get features such as one-click installs, useful plugins, free backups, enhanced cPanel, free site transfer, free domain for 1st year, free SSL certificate, and website builder.

BlueHost Features

On the other hand, Bluehost hosting plans includes various features such as 24×7 WordPress support, free SSL certificate, free Word Press Migration, enhanced cPanel, backups, free domains, and 1 click WordPress Installation.

Winner – HostGator

5. Automatic Backup

HostGator’s Backup Policy

Regular data backup for a website is an essential part. So, we need to check, if these two hosting providers are giving regular automated backups or not. HostGator doesn’t provide free automatic backup with all the plans. So, make sure you purchased plans where the automatic backup is included in them.

BlueHost Backup Policy

BlueHost is very good with the automatic backup policy as they provide it with every hosting plan. However, you can schedule these backups daily, weekly, or on a monthly basis. All the available Bluehost plans allow you to create your own backup via cPanel.

Winner – BlueHost

Final Verdict on HostGator VS BlueHost

Finally, you must have known the key differences between HostGator VS BlueHost. There are also some other key factors you must know before getting a hosting plan for your website. We hope this comparison will help you in choosing the best hosting plans. If you are still in doubt about HostGator or Bluehost which one is best for your website, you can check out their official websites for more information.

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